Рыбалка в Финляндии, ноябрь 2012

We were fishing in lake Saimaa Ristiina, with this gentleman in picture. We caught several nice size pike.

 Pike about 3kg with jig
 Catch and release

 Pike about 3 kg, trolling with wobbler
 Double header. Pike 4kg and 3,5 kg trolling

We were trolling salmon in lake Saimaa, using baitfish. middle of November
We caught this great 5,35kg Salmon, but decide to release it, because it was spawn coloured

We caught seven salmon fish in this trip and take this 4,15kg beauty in home. Rest we release, because undersize and that big one is spawn coloured. Nice day with good company. This year season lasts about end of November, because warm weather. Now is good season for Salmon trolling. If You want to go fishing in this season, take contact soon.